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Paper and Cotton Towels

Though we have some of the most updated, high tech machinery in the industry, we are only able to operate smoothly with the help of our hardworking production team. Every roller towel passes through several hands, machines, and processes to make it to the roller towel cabinet clean, pressed, and sanitized.

Think of us the next time you unroll your roller towels. Thank you to our fantastic production team!

We’ve all asked this question more frequently than ever before as we continue to look after the health and safety of our teams.

We supply both so if you’re asking yourself this question, here is some info that may help you make the decision:▫️Cabinet roller towels (CT’s) deliver a single use cloth towel that is no less hygienic than paper (thumbs up to both!);▫️Cloth towels are 4 times more absorbent than paper.

This means your team will leave the bathroom with dryer hands which is important as damp hands can spread 1000 times more germs than dry hands;▫️Cotton has more texture than paper so will help remove more residue that remains after washing;▫️Keep in mind that waste paper sits around, can make a mess and block drains and someone has to deal with that (eewww) as opposed to the used part of the CT which rolls up into its sealed compartment and low surface exposure on changing;▫️CT’s are better for the environment compared with paper, generating not only 79% less waste but their life cycle using 63% less energy and generating up to 48% less greenhouse gases than paper towels.