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Gordon Craig

Gordon Craig Director of the Board

Gordon started in 1974 as Dry-cleaner, spotter, presser and delivery person.

  • In 1984 purchased the ApparelMaster franchise.
  • In 1988 received the biannual IDC (International Dry-cleaning Congress) training program, one of two persons who receive it worldwide.
  • Previous Textile Care Federation Area Representative
  • Past Committee Member for ApparelMaster
  • Past Chairman of ApparelMaster Committee
  • Traveled extensively around the world to trade shows and other laundries and Dry-cleaning sites
  • Invested a life time into Laundry and Dry-cleaning

Gordon is Director of the board, and whilst no longer has a hands on role within the business day to day. Gordon still has his finger on the pulse of the business and has regular contact with other key players within the NZ laundry & dry-cleaning industry.