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New Plymouth Laundromat

Laundromat Open 24/7
Corner of Eliot & Lemon Streets New Plymouth.

September 2021 we upgraded our washing machines to efficient Electrolux front loading machines. 

This site is now cashless. You can pay by EFTPOS or Credit Card

Burgerfuel and McDonalds just across the road!

Hawera Laundromat

This self-service laundromat is massive with 5 x 10kg washers, 2 x 18kg washers, 2 x 27kg washers, 6 x 14kg dryers, 6 x 20kg dryers and 1 x extra large dryer. 41 Princes Street, Hawera. Pak'n'Save supermarket is just across the road. 

Open 24/7.

Bell Block Laundromat

Located in Bell Block's Parklands Shopping Centre. Residents of Bell Block no longer need to go into New Plymouth to use the laundromat. Why not put your laundry on and take a short stroll down to the beautiful Bell Block beach.

Now open 24/7.

Spotswood Laundromat

Located at 172b South Road, close to the Countdown supermarket. Put the washing on while you do your grocery shopping or have pizza, Chinese food or coffee from the surrounding eateries.

Late 2017 all small washers upgraded to water saving front load 10kg models.

Now open 24/7.

Waitara Laundromat

Waitara laundromat has 5 x 9kg washers, 2x 18kg washers, 1 x 27kg washer, 8 x 14kg gas fired dryers and 4 x 20kg dryers and 2 x 34kg dryers. Address for the Waitara Laundrette is 30 Queen Street, just down the road from New World supermarket.

Now open 24/7.

Frankleigh Park Laundromat

Frankleigh Park laundromat has 6 x small washing machines, 2 x 18kg washers, 4 x 14kg gas fired dryers and 4 x 20kg dryers. Address for the Frankleigh Park Laundrette is 68c Govett Ave, Frankleigh Park.

Now open 24/7.

Stratford Laundromat

La Nuova's Stratford Laundromat is based at 341 Broadway. The place is clean and fresh with 3x 18 kg washers, 6x 9kg washers, 4x 14kg dryers and 6 x 21kg dryers. This site has also been converted from token operation to having eftpos terminals mounted directly to the machines.

Now Open 24/7.

Taranaki's coin operated laundromats further information

All of our Laundromats have high-efficiency washers and dryers. Why is this important? On a standard coloured wash our highly efficient front load washers will finish the 9kg load in around 34 mins and the extraction (spin) cycle will remove more water meaning you need less drying time. The gas fired 13kg & 20kg Huebsch dryers are far more efficient than the electric ones you may have at home and far bigger.

Tip: Underloading or overloading washers and dryers will cause loss in efficiency, wash quality and drying times.

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